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ANS : I have a new email address and I forgot my password ?

If you have forgotten your password on MachineryCircle:

Go to the Login page by clicking on the ‘Sign In’ link on the top right of the Home Page.

Click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link below the ‘Submit’ button.

Type in your email address OR username and click Submit.

You will be sent a password reset URL in your e-mail. Click on that.

A form asking your new password will open up in your browser.

Type in your new password (and re-confirm it) and press Submit.

Your password will be reset and you will be logged into MachineryCircle.com.

ANS : I got an email saying my used product ad was rejected. Why?

Your ad could was rejected due to one or more of the following reasons:

You did not provide complete/correct details for your product.

We found pictures or comments regarding your product that violated our terms of services.

We tried to call you to verify the authenticity of the ad but were not able to reach you.

ANS : How do I know these ads are genuine?

MachineryCircle makes a lot of effort to keep the ad data clean. All used product ads go through an approval process, in which our staff examines the content of each ad to see if all the details are in order. Also, after the ads are posted up on MachineryCircle, first-time sellers are contacted by phone and our admin staff verifies that the product ad details they provided are proper and genuine.

ANS : How do I search through expired Ads?

Login to your account

Then go to your Dashboard there you can see left down sub-menu of your Ads.

ANS : I don’t want to sell my product anymore. How do I delete my ad?

Here’s how you delete an ad:

Sign in to MachineryCircle.

Go to your Dashboard. There you can see left down sub-menu of your Ads.

Click on the Active Ads menu.

There is a delete link of your Ad.